The Best Season for Writing

Autumn has always been a special time for me. Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I’m surrounded by green for the majority of the year. I love the coolness of green, but for one month there’s an explosion of different colors around my home. Reds, golds, and oranges paint the foot-wide maple leaves, and when the wind blows they dance through the sky to a perfumed carpet below.

There are several open fields near my home, and when I drive late at night I’ll often see great swathes of mist in the silver moonlight. I’ll also gladly zip my jacket up to my chin and step out into a steady, day-long rain to listen to the symphony of pattering drops, each one striking its own note on the instruments of trees, cars, sidewalks, and people. The sights and smells of the change of season are intoxicating to me.

It’s not just the change in the weather that’s exciting. There’s a subtle, cultural anticipation of the holiday season as it approaches. Halloween, Thanksgiving, (my birthday!), Christmas… Anticipation is half the fun for me, and I love the build-up to the holidays.

Halloween is also special in its own right. Not because it’s scary, but because it’s a chance to play make-believe. People dress up, play games, eat a lot of candy… it’s a holiday for being a kid again.

All of this adds up to a season that is perfect for writing. There’s so much vibrant energy and excitement in the air, it’s hard to not feel creative. For a little while, I can forget about deadlines and stress and just enjoy being a creative person.

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