Crowdfunding Goals

This page shows all progress towards some exciting goals to expand my brand and fan offerings. If you want to contribute to the current goal, there are two options available to you:

  1. You can join my Fan Community on Patreon to contribute a set, monthly amount
  2. You can make a one-time contribution via PayPal

All funds received through both of these channels will go to the current goal. Once the current goal is reached, all incoming funds will automatically be applied to the next goal.

Current Goal – 2023 Fan Art Contest Prizes

Description: I’ve always wanted to give bigger and better prizes to the fantastic fans that work so hard on artwork based on my stories for the annual fan art contest. The following proposed prize package was the top-voted option in a 2022 fan survey.


One prize package per category, for a total of six. Each package will contain the following:

  • One signed, physical copy of one of my books, winner’s choice (valued at $20, which includes the estimated cost of shipping)
  • One digital $25 Amazon gift card

The total cost of each prize package is $45, for a total of $270.

Current Progress Toward Goal – Updated February 28, 2023


The deadline for this goal is September 30, 2023. After this date, this goal will update to the 2024 fan art contest.

Next Goal – Audiobook for The Beast Hunter

Description: Ever since I wrote my first Keltin Moore story, I’ve dreamed of having a professional voice actor narrate my books. While it may take a while to reach this goal, I am willing to wait to ensure that the final product is the best possible adaptation of my most popular novel.


I will use the Findaway Voices network to audition and hire a professional voice actor and audio engineer to record, edit, and process a complete audiobook version of The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure to be released on as many audiobook platforms as possible. Findaway narrators’ rates are based on the total finished hours for a project, and can range anywhere from $250 to +$500 per finished hour.

Using the Findaway Voices rate calculator, I was able to determine the following specifics:

Manuscript length – 80,000 words

Estimated cost per completed hour – $300

Calculated range – $2,475–$2,925

Averaging the calculated range together, I determined a final, estimated total cost of $2,700.

Current Progress Toward Goal


This goal has no deadline.