Editing Services

As a freelance editor specializing in both developmental editing and copyediting, I love working with authors to make their stories the best that they can be. I am currently open to queries from writers interested in working with me.

In addition to being a freelance editor, I am also an award-winning author and have taught creative writing at a variety of colleges over the past six years.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of editing services that I can provide for you:

Manuscript Evaluation – I like to think of this as a book report on steroids. After a hands-off read, I’ll send you a detailed breakdown of my initial reactions as well as my overall thoughts on what worked and didn’t work in the manuscript.

Developmental Edit – This type of edit is focused on the big picture as I identify and address any potential problems regarding a story’s characters, plotting, pacing, and much more. This type of edit typically includes both track-changes edits and a comprehensive, written analysis of any large-scale problems in the manuscript along with my suggested solutions.

Copyedit – Sometimes also known as line editing, this service involves a track-changes edit as I go through the story one sentence at a time to check for and fix issues such as improper grammar, logic errors, incorrect word use, and poor narrative flow.

There are also some types of freelance work that I do not do. Please do not query me about:

  • Erotica
  • Ghost writing
  • Research assistance/Project management

Send me an e-mail at lindsay@lindsayschopfer.com with the subject “Editing Query” if you want to discuss your project and see if I’m a good fit for your specific needs.

Testimonials from some of my clients

I recently had Lindsay evaluate my manuscript and I only have positive things to say about working with him every step of the way. I feel I can trust Lindsay with my manuscripts and that really is the most important thing to me as a writer. When he was finished, he exceeded my expectations on the evaluation! He examined details hidden within details. He analyzed things I hadn’t thought of and asked me questions about inconsistencies I overlooked. He dedicated himself to my story and I feel like he committed himself to every chapter. He helped me see an overall tone my story had… and I needed that! His suggestions put me at ease with the direction my story needs to go. As far as the cost, I felt satisfied spending what I did. It was truly worth it as I believe Lindsay earns every penny. When my next manuscript is ready for editing, I plan on having Lindsay do it, as I don’t see a reason to use any other editor for my manuscripts! He really is amazing!

Erik Eikenberry

As a first time writer, I have really appreciated Lindsay’s advice on characters, plot holes, and anachronisms, as well as a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. He is always willing to follow up if I have any questions and has been more than helpful. This has helped to build my confidence that I have something worth pursuing, as well as identifying the weaknesses that I need to focus on and improve. All of this was invaluable to me as I continue writing. Working with Lindsay has been a great learning experience for me and worth every penny.

Daniel Douglas

I am a first time writer, and I was extremely pleased with the thoughtful and at times hard hitting critique of my draft. It helped to to realize that these parts needed to be “tossed” and completely re-written.
Many of his comments helped me to flesh out my own thoughts on the matter.
He also did a superb job of pointing out the various technical flaws with my work. Taken as a whole, I fell I am a much better writer do to his help.
And I would like to mimic the statement, “the first draft is good for compost.”

Michael Kawamura

Lindsay is the best editor that I have ever worked with. I’ve always thought of myself as a good writer, but when my latest novel was not striking the interest of anyone, I knew I needed additional help. Because I had met Lindsay at writer’s conferences previously and had been inspired by his classes, I reached out to him to see if he would help me with my novel to identify how it could be improved.

Having Lindsay edit my manuscript has been the best decision I have made regarding my writing. He is extremely concise and thorough with his comments, and the ideas he has given me have helped take my novel to the next level. I have grown so much as a writer, and I know it is because of Lindsay’s expertise that I have been able to make such exponential progress in my writing journey. I couldn’t recommend him more!

-Bailey Day

I’ve written all my life, as an agricultural researcher and later as a US diplomat. I’ve published a few short stories and always had an interest in fiction writing. After I retired, I realized that if I was to progress, I needed advice from a professional writer.

Lindsay Schopfer filled that bill and then some when I took his Novel In Four Drafts class. I’ve attended many writer’s conferences and weekend mini-courses on various aspects of writing. Lindsay’s course stood out because he offered solutions to the common challenges faced by amateur writers. He broke down of the technical process in a way that even I could understand. The two most salient takeaways from his course were write every day, and the first draft is mostly good for compost. The result was I started writing every day and stopped being my own worst critic to the point of paralysis.

A year and a few months after taking his course, I have finished the second draft of the first book of a trilogy. I was thrilled when Lindsay graciously offered to edit my work in progress. When I received his edits of the first 11 chapters, I was encouraged because his comments were on point, technically-oriented, and laced with positive feedback.

Lindsay stands apart as a gifted writer, editor, and teacher with contagious enthusiasm and abundant practical advice.

-Joseph Salvo