My Artistic Vision

My dream is to see the world filled with stories that entertain us while inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves. That is why I write and teach the craft of writing.

I write fanciful, escapist adventures with uplifting messages and themes. My prose fiction focuses on character, action, and fanciful imaginings. I create exciting stories with heart and a conscience, addressing themes like family, prejudice, courage, and personal responsibility, all while maintaining my focus on writing escapist adventures. My hope is that while the themes of my stories gently invite my audience to be better people, my fans will keep coming back for the characters, creatures, and adventures that I create.

In addition to my own writing, I help other writers by talking about all aspects of our art with a plainspoken, easily approachable perspective. I cover subjects ranging from the craft of storytelling to the business of publication to the lifestyle of the writing artist. My goal is to demystify the world of creative writing while giving my students the confidence to express their art and produce the best versions of their stories.

This dream may be ambitious, but I am not alone in my journey. My community is built of readers, fans, writing students, and peers. Together, we will see my dream come true one story at a time.

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