Finding Your Writing Process Online Course


Everyone has an idea for a book. The tough part is turning that idea into something that readers will want to read, review, and recommend to friends. Whether you’ve just gotten a brilliant idea or are suffering from a year-long bout of writers block, this course is for you. Participants will learn how to develop ideas into plots, how to make the most of their writing time, and how to create a unique writing system tailored to their needs.

Each week, instructor Lindsay Schopfer will host a live, one-hour, video group chat via Zoom which participants can attend by following a link provided in a private, e-mailed invitation. For those who can’t attend these chats live, all presentations will be recorded and posted on a private page where all students can view them at their convenience until the end of the month. Students will also have access to Lindsay via e-mail for any questions they may have on the craft of writing during the course.

The total cost for the 4-week course is $100 per person.

To register, follow the link below and enter your name and e-mail address. You will then receive a PayPal invoice via e-mail for your registration fee. Your registration will be confirmed upon payment of your fee.

Registration for this course is currently open for February, 2017.

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Week One: The Idea Factory

It isn’t hard to have one good idea, but how does a writer get multiple ideas during each writing session? Whether you’re trying to come up with the plot to your next novel or just trying to figure out what a character should say next, this class is designed to help you. Students will learn effective observation techniques, tricks for removing the boundaries to their imaginations, and the alchemy of idea-making.

Week Two: Turning Ideas into Manuscripts

While the process of getting ideas can be both fun and fulfilling, there comes a time when a writer must begin the work of translating his scattered thoughts into a story that his readers can enjoy. In this course, students will learn the difference between planning and stalling, how to stay organized during the writing process, and how to write with confidence regardless of the need to revise later.

Week Three: Making the Most of Your Writing Time

“I only write when I’m inspired, and I make sure I’m inspired every morning at 9 a.m.” Come and learn how to turn off your inner critic and make the most of the time that you set aside to practice your craft. Participants in this course will learn how to create a writing-friendly environment, how to manage their writing time, how to prepare for their writing time, and how to set organic goals that will measure success rather than focus on artificial deadlines.

Week Four: Pick Your Process

Writing is an art form, and a writer’s process is as unique as the art they create. In this course, Lindsay will give a variety of ideas and methods that have worked for all types of authors to help you start building your own process. Students will learn a variety of ways to do outlines, organize ideas, revise their work, and get feedback.

Registration for this course is currently open for February, 2017.

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