Lindsay’s Street Team

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the next Keltin Moore novel, I’ve reorganized my Street Team to focus more on the scattered communities of Schopfer fans, including the Facebook group, the Goodreads group, the Keltin Moore twitter account, my social media followers (Facebook, Twitter, Mailing List, etc.) and local communities of fans.

With that in mind, the new street team will be much smaller and more focused, with each member responsible for a specific aspect of the Lindsay Schopfer Fandom. These ‘Fandom Lieutenants’ will work directly with me to create an environment where the fans do things because it’s fun and helpful, rather than out of a sense of responsibility or pressure. Right now, I’m looking for lieutenants for the following two areas:

Fan Guru

  • Engage with other fans via social media by posting conversation-starters, surveys, theories, and other fun stuff related to Lindsay’s stories
  • Encourage other fans to talk about Lindsay’s stories by commenting on their posts and replies
  • Invite fans to join the Fandom by extending invitations to people who comment on Lindsay’s social media posts or indicate in some other way that they are already a fan
  • Welcome and introduce new fans to the community

Creativity Curator

  • Encourage creative fans to write stories, create art, build costumes, etc. all based on Lindsay’s stories
  • Find an online home or homes for the display and publication of fan creations
  • Share the creations of fans with the Fandom

In addition to these two areas, I have ideas for more areas that we could explore in the future, such as special event and party planners for both online and local groups. It’s also entirely possible that we could have more than one particular lieutenant at a time, particularly Fan Gurus.

Please e-mail me at if either of the lieutenant positions above look like fun to you, or if there is another aspect of the Fandom that you’d like to help develop and grow.

Current Street Team Lieutenants:

Brett Caine – Fan Guru (Twitter)