Official Lindsay Schopfer Merchandise

All of my merchandise is created through Printful and sold through Etsy. Each of the products listed below has multiple sizes and variations, so follow the links if you’re looking for something specific.


I currently have two t-shirts with specially commissioned artwork. Both shirts are black with white print.

Tote bags

I have two different tote bags, each with the same commissioned artwork as the t-shirts listed above.


Coming in both 11oz and 15oz sizes, these mugs feature cover art from all of the books in the Adventures of Keltin Moore as well as Lost Under Two Moons.

Color-Changing Mugs

These special mugs change color when filled with a heated beverage, revealing the great cover art of my books underneath.

Cell Phone Cases

Artwork from all of my novels is available for a variety of Samsung and iPhone devices.

Postcards and Stickers

Check out these high-quality stickers and postcards featuring cover art from all my novels.