Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Online Course

writing-fantasy-1920x1200Fantasy and science fiction are two of the most popular genres in our media, but writing and selling these types of stories can sometimes feel impossible. This course was designed to help speculative fiction authors create and sell their books to readers that will become longtime fans. Students will learn the importance of sub-genre, how to world-build effectively, and how to market a fantasy or sci-fi story.

Each week, instructor Lindsay Schopfer will host a live, one-hour, video group chat via Zoom which participants can attend by following a link provided in a private, e-mailed invitation. For those who can’t attend these chats live, all presentations will be recorded and posted on a private page where all students can view them at their convenience until the end of the month. Students will also have access to Lindsay via e-mail for any questions they may have on the craft of writing during the course.

The total cost for the 4-week course is $100 per person.

To register, follow the link below and enter your name and e-mail address. You will then receive a PayPal invoice via e-mail for your registration fee. Your registration will be confirmed upon payment of your fee.

Registration for this course is currently open for April, 2017.

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Week One: Creating Original Worlds

Each time a writer begins a new story they have an opportunity to take their readers to places they have never been before. Fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal authors will all benefit from this in-depth, detailed look into the unique craft of creating original worlds. Participants in this course will learn creative ways to do their world building, some essential questions to ask themselves about their worlds, and a variety of techniques to make their worlds as original as possible.

Week Two: The Subgenres of Fantasy and Science Fiction

So you’ve written an out-of-this-world novel and somebody asks you what sort of story it is. What do you tell them? Fantasy and sci-fi fans and authors of all skill levels will enjoy this entertaining and informative breakdown of some of speculative fiction’s most popular genres and subgenres. Participants will learn the histories and unique traits of more than a dozen different subgenres, as well as how to identify their own genre and how to use it to predict what their readers will expect from their stories.

Week Three: Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction for a Mainstream Audience

What do Fantasy/Sci-fi blockbuster books and films like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones have in common? Each of them has widespread appeal outside of its customary niche market. In this insightful blending of a craft and marketing workshop, learn how you too can write and promote a speculative fiction novel that both dedicated fans and casual readers will enjoy. Participants in this course will learn how to write stories that are accessible to a broader audience, how to identify and target early adopters, and how to avoid “selling out” by staying true to your craft.

Week Four: The Roots of Steampunk

The steampunk community is a vibrant and powerful niche within the larger world of speculative fiction. This class will explore the historical and literary roots of this eclectic mingling of genres. Students will learn fascinating facts from the Victorian Era, what literature from the period has influenced today’s steampunk culture, and the basic philosophy and appeal of steampunk.

Registration for this course is currently open for April, 2017

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