10 Things an Author Doesn’t Want to Hear While Selling Books

1. What’s the real price on these books?

2. Could you not personalize the autograph? It degrades the resale value.

3. You’ve got five seconds to convince me to spend my money here. Go.

4. Can you break a $100? I want to go buy some ice cream.

5. Thanks for the book. I’ll be sure to write a review, though you should know that I never rate books above 2 stars.

6. Don’t you feel that putting a price tag on art actually reduces its value?

7. I’m thinking of a number between one and ten. If you guess it, I’ll buy all your books.

8. I like to read a little sample before I buy. Can you get me a chair? I’m going to be here a while.

9. Sorry for spilling my coffee on all of these. Good thing you’re not paying for them yourself, right?

10. I’d love an autograph. Can you make it out to Charikleia Crisóstomo?

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