Google Translates Into the North

Time to see how Google Translate tackles Keltin’s second adventure, Into the North. Let’s take a look at the introduction of gold-crazed Collinsworth after running it through twenty different languages…


Collinsworth was very different from the city that Keltin remembered. The community that had been growing at a steady pace ever since the development of the logging industry was now awash with souls eager for Wylow gold. The streets were crowded with men eagerly buying supplies from stores that until recently had sold general goods and wood-workings. Now, every shop seemed to be advertising itself as the finest outfitter of prospectors in Riltvin. Windows were filled with displays featuring shovels, picks, cookware, winter clothing, and a wide variety of food stuffs all guaranteed to never sour or go bad.

Keltin stood on the wooden walkway outside of a crowded bakery, trying to avoid stepping into the foot-deep mire of mud and slush that had once been Collinsworth’s main road. Watching the frantic crowd in the street, Keltin couldn’t deny that there was a part of him that felt some of the heady excitement all around him. A feverish thrill was thick in the air as the call to adventure resounded from every shop front and street corner.

Google Translate

Collinsworth was different from the town Coltin remembered, the community grew after the lumber boom. and now a ple of animes that two in desperado violated. Els chauffeur is full of men shopping at country stores and carpenters. Today, the entire store is sold locally to the Riltvin public. The windows are filled with rags, crawling mats, clothes and winter accessories. and various foods. Of course, they must be poisonous or rotten.

Coltyn stood on the sign outside the busy bakery, careful not to step into the deep mud that was once Collinsworth Road. Keltin looked at the shocked onlookers, none of them bothered by the fact that his body had heard the sound of venomous laughter all around him. Happiness was everywhere, shouting came from the corners of shops and streets.


It actually looks like Google Translate is improving from the last time I tried this, particularly in the second paragraph. I do like the description of the goods for sale though, 🙂 . Leave a comment below with your favorite quote from this translation!

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