Google Translates The Beast Hunter Part 2

Time for more fun with the Google Translator! This time around, I thought I’d take a slightly larger portion from the novel’s Prologue where Keltin first sees the forest devil beast. I definitely have some personal favorites in this one. Some of it even has an oddly poetic tone.

Leave a comment below with your favorite quote, and let me know if you have any suggestions for the next excerpt to translate.

Squeezed indignation makes him walk in the middle. It took a long time, and Keltin lowered his slippery foot to the ground. The smell of ammonia flowed through the trees to the nostrils. The beast was before him. Keltin slowly controlled his weight forward until the lights provided a simple explanation for the beast, which lay less than 10 meters away from him.

The arms were large and muscular, wrapping his head around a large, rounded tooth. The broad shoulders and thick box flowed into two twisted tails, each with a poisonous barb. The hair and grass that covered his back were as black as the night around them. Keltin controls the total number of animals as a medium between bull and gray beer.

With his mine, Keltin is now exploring his animal. The forearm wrapped around his head made his neck shoot incredibly, and his broad shoulders showed that the muscles were thick enough to stop his bullets before they could find his internal organ. Instead, Keltin chooses somewhere on the animal’s side under one outstretched arm, where the skin under the joint is tied. He moved a few yards to the corner so that the corner of his weapon was most accessible to the animal’s chest. Satisfied with his condition, the Celts leaned to complete the final preparations.

The Reltac spinner was loaded into five chambers of his rifle for deep penetration. Keltin meets a short distance between him and the monster and has decided to replace the last three bullets with an Alpenion round full of the rest of a metal acid bubble. At that moment, he realized that if the monster didn’t fall on the first two bullets, he would have to distract himself with a lot of pain to give him a chance to fix it with something great. He was placed in the last weapon in the competition that reached him. The appearance of the ribbon face and the large, sharp blade never reflect the moonlight on their rough surface.

So ready, Keltin raises his weapon to his shoulder and aims. With simple gestures and beautiful hands, he compared the view to the shadow under the animal’s face. He breathes, breathes, touches and shoots.

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