Google Translates The Beast Hunter

I was browsing through YouTube during lunch today and noticed some recommended videos of a singer doing horrible Google translations of popular songs. They were hilarious, and you should totally check her out. I’ll post a link to one of my favorite videos she did after my Fan Community shout-out at the end of this post.

Anyway, this gave me an idea. What if I put some of The Beast Hunter though the Google Translator a few times? Well, I did, and this is what it came up with. Leave a comment with your favorite quote, and let me know if you want to see more of these!

“Well, Mr. Paulsen,” Grandma said as she poured him a glass of juice. “Can you talk to us, Celt?”

“Yes, even if I shouldn’t have decided.”

“Really?” Mr. Renlowah gave Celtic words for reflection. “It’s different from you not accepting grace, son.”

“A little different this time than usual.”

Keltin briefly described the situation in the Northern Cretaceous, as Mr Paulsen said.

“What a danger,” murmured Mrs. Galloway.

Renlowah shuddered. “Krendaria seems to have been close to a turning point in history.”

“I have to admit I’m sorry,” Keltin said. “I can easily touch a pet. I took out a couple and even some small balls. But are there rich things?” She shook her head.

Paulsen said, “Remember, Moore, you will not be alone in Dhalma. Hunters from all over the world have joined the hunters.”

Renlowah stopped to make bread. “So I see no reason not to have that time, Celtic. Think about your adventure, not to mention the rewards and good things they can do for the people of Crandaria.”

A big shout-out to the fantastic members of my Readers Community:

Randall Hodgson, Mandy Vincelette, Matthew Paxman, Yoshiyuki Nishikawa, Wil Sisney, Jarred Walton, Joel Stanger, and Kelly Wilbur.

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  1. | Keltin briefly described the situation in the Northern Cretaceous,

    Haha! I think Google Translate Keltin is about to discover a different type of beast to hunt!

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