Warning Signs that Christmas is Invading Your Story

I always have a carefully crafted playlist of music for my writing sessions. However, my regular writing playlist has recently taken a backseat to all my favorite Christmas tunes, and it got me thinking. What if all these carols and festive favorites started to have a subliminal effect on my writing? So just for fun, here are some signs that Christmas might be creeping into your own stories, organized by genre.

For Fantasy Writers – Your elves shoot longbows decorated with candy cane stripes and make toys in their treetop cities.

For Western Writers – Mistletoe keeps popping up in odd places like hardware stores, horse stables, outhouses…

For Sci-fi Writers – You put the rest of your story on hold as you dedicate yourself to figuring out a believable way to make it snow in space.

For Horror Writers – Your poltergeist forces the protagonist to start overcoming deeply ingrained character flaws and to give large gifts to big-eyed children.

For Memoir Writers – You keep interrupting the story of how you found faith in the face of grief to tell anecdotes about wanting a BB gun for Christmas.

For Historical Writers – Despite all your research, nothing interesting ever seemed to happen between January and mid-November.

For Thriller Writers – Your terrorists seem less interested in genocide and more interested in stealing presents.

For Mystery Writers – Your hardened PI delves into the dark underworld of San Francisco to find out how Santa gets all his presents into his sack.

For Steampunk Writers – Clockwork reindeer.

Can you think of any other signs that your story might be showing an abnormal amount of festivity? Share your ideas in the comments!

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