Ten Reasons Why Writers Might Be A Little Crazy

  1. We’re at our most successful when we hear voices in our heads.

2. No matter how much time we have alone, we still wish we could have more.

3. We will spend half an hour fixing one paragraph only to cut it and the rest of the chapter out the next day.

4. We work hard to get lost in our own little worlds.

5. We regularly ask for feedback without listening to any of it.

6. We go to classes to learn how to stop avoiding doing something that we love to do.

7. We agonize over pitching to agents and then ignore their requests for material.

8. We read every book that is similar to our own and then worry that our book sounds like everything else that’s out there.

9. We make people up and then ruin their lives to make them more “interesting”.

10. We measure success by how many strangers write short essays online saying how brilliant we are.

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