Griffin Reads – Red Green’s Duct Tape is Not Enough

Title: Red Green’s Duct Tape is Not Enough

Author: Steve Smith

Genre: Humor, Non-fiction

Summary: In Red Green’s Duct Tape is Not Enough, Steve Smith, the creator and portrayer of the beloved Red Green character, offers a humorous and practical guide to middle age. Drawing on the comedic wisdom of Red Green, the handyman from the fictional Possum Lodge, Smith explores the myriad issues that come with aging and (reluctantly) maturing. It’s a collection of short pieces that originally appeared in Smith’s syndicated column, “North of Forty.”

Content Guide:

  • Humorous content throughout
  • Suitable for all audiences
  • No explicit content
  • Light language consistent with the comedic tone

My Thoughts:

“Red Green’s Duct Tape is Not Enough” is a delightful romp through the inventive and often absurd world of Red Green’s problem-solving philosophy. Steve Smith’s wit and humor shine through as he channels the iconic character to impart unconventional wisdom on a variety of topics including aging, relationships, and technology.

If you’re familiar with “The Red Green Show” you’ll easily recognize Smith’s brand of comedy, alternating between wry maxims and broad slapstick. Granted, it may be jarring to read some pithy observations on growing older only to have them followed by a top ten list of cartoonish antics involving trying to get fired from a job you hate. However, this juxtaposition is precisely what makes Smith’s humor both unpredictable and endearing.

While some of the humor may feel outdated to today’s readers, there’s a genuine sincerity to Smith’s writing that transcends any antiquated technological or societal references.

In conclusion, “Red Green’s Duct Tape is Not Enough” is a fun and entertaining exploration of the mundane sides of life, and I recommend it for readers that are sounding more like their parents every day.

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