My Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday, and for the last few weeks I’ve had people asking me what I want. Honestly, I want what I have. I’m finally a father (twice!), I have a loving family, more good friends than I can count, and I get to work in a field that I love. My life is blessed, and I am so grateful for it.

I suppose if I did want to ask for something more, it would be success as an author. My fan base continues to be loyal but small, and I often wish I could share my stories with more people. With that in mind, this is what I’d like for my birthday.

If you’re still doing your Christmas shopping, please consider giving the gift of one (or more) of my books to a friend or family member. Not only would this be a kind gesture to me, but you’d be sharing great stories with the people that you care about.

If you decide to buy a book of mine for someone this Christmas, please leave a comment below so I can thank you for your wonderful birthday present to me.

Love you all!

Link to all of my books on Amazon

4 Replies to “My Birthday Wish”

  1. Bought Lost Under Two Moons for a Secret Santa book exchange that I participate in one one of the Facebook book clubs! We get just a little bit of info on who the recipient is and I thought they would like it. Plus, seeing as they are on the east coast, it was a better chance they would not have read it. It’s hard getting books for other bookies as they read soooo much!

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