Ten Things I’ve Learned About Video Gaming

I’ll readily admit that my writing is more influenced by video games than other books. I consider myself a gamer first and a reader second. With that in mind, I’ve learned a few important, sometimes hard lessons about video gaming. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learned:

1. Nobody cares what difficulty you play a game at.

2. If you haven’t had fun with a game for a while, stop playing it.

3. If you’re playing a game with a walkthrough open at all times, you’re not playing a game, you’re doing unpaid work.

4. A great story will only make up for poor mechanics on the first play-through.

5. The most effective way to play a game is rarely the most fun way.

6. Games you have played with friends are never as good by yourself.

7. Nobody cares how many trophies, Easter eggs, or achievements you’ve discovered/unlocked.

8. Never buy a game solely on someone else’s recommendation. Nobody’s tastes are exactly the same as yours.

9. Even among gamers, video games are a terrible topic for conversation.

10. If you like a game enough to play it all the way to the ending more than once, never sell, trade, or lend it out.

What lessons have you learned about video gaming? Leave a comment to share your wisdom!

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