Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say at a Steampunk Convention

As a published author of steampunk fantasy for more than a decade, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to attend a variety of steampunk-themed events and get to know some of the people within this charming and accepting community. If you learn of a steampunk event happening in your area, I would recommend going and checking out the fantastic gadgets, costumes, and people that you’ll find there. Only… try not to say any of these while you’re there.

1. I’ve already asked ten people here what steampunk is and I haven’t understood any of them. Why don’t you give it a try?

2. I’m sorry, but your outfit is very historically inaccurate.

3. Is the Goodyear Blimp a dirigible?

4. You realize of course that all of these gadgets would never work in real life.

5. Is Pirates of the Caribbean steampunk? What about Harry Potter? Game of Thrones? Spongebob?

6. So steampunk is basically sci-fi for people who don’t understand science, right?

7. I loved Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, except for all those weird gadgets.

8. I didn’t know Nerf guns were in the Victorian Era.

9. Why would you wear goggles above the brim of a top hat?

10. Were you really a goth before you discovered the color brown?

Leave a comment with your own statements to avoid at your next steampunk convention!

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