The 2020 Lindsay Schopfer Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve put together this handy reference for anyone looking to give the gift of one of my stories or something else related to my writing. Leave a comment if you found this guide helpful!

Lindsay’s Books

Content note for all of my books: None of my stories contain sex or profanity. I do include some fantasy violence, but nothing graphic. While I don’t write stories specifically targeted to young readers, I would consider all of my work to be appropriate for ages 10 and up.

The Adventures of Keltin Moore

Keltin Moore is a professional monster hunter in a world of adventure, magic, and steam. All of his stories are fanciful journeys with engaging characters and exciting action. Themes include personal responsibility, compassion, and courage in the face of prejudice.

I recommend this series for fans of adventure, fantasy, and compelling characters. If you only buy one book in the series, start with The Beast Hunter.

Standalone Sci-fi Novel

This book is written in journal format and follows the daily struggles of a young man from Earth trying to stay alive on an alien planet.

I recommend this book for fans of survivalist adventures and science.

Short Story Collection

This anthology includes eight short stories, ranging from a Twilight Zone-style story to a humorous tale of a genie being taken to court for bad wishes.

I recommend this collection for people that love fanciful stories but prefer shorter reads.

Lindsay’s Merchandise

All of my merchandise is created through Printful and sold through Etsy. Each of the products listed below has multiple sizes and variations, so follow the links if you’re looking for something specific.


I currently have two pieces of specially commissioned artwork on a variety of clothing styles.

Tote bags

I have two different tote bags, each with the same commissioned artwork as the t-shirts listed above.


These mugs feature cover art from all of the books in the Adventures of Keltin Moore as well as Lost Under Two Moons.

Cell Phone Cases

Artwork from all of my novels is available for a variety of Samsung and iPhone devices.


Check out these high-quality stickers featuring cover art from all my novels.


Subscribers to my Readers Community receive monthly sneak peek readings from me of my current works-in-progress, as well as unlimited access to my growing Lending Library of original short stories.

Subscribers to my Writers Community receive monthly audio clips of writing tips, along with weekly online writing sessions and monthly live Q&As.

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