The 2023 Lindsay Schopfer Fan Art Contest is Here!

Five years! I’m so humbled and amazed at the ongoing support and creativity of my incredible fans, which is why I’m especially excited for this year’s fan art contest. For the first time, (and thanks to generous contributions from fans like you) I’m able to offer prizes valued at $50 for each of the six categories! Each prize package will include:

I hope that these prizes will not only encourage more artists to submit more frequently, but will also serve as a powerful reminder of how much your contributions are appreciated by me and the rest of our fan community.

Read on for all the contest details, and good luck!


Contest Schedule

  • Contest submissions will be accepted from September 1 to October 31
  • Fans will vote for their favorite pieces from November 1-7
  • Category winners will be announced after fan voting closes

Contest Categories

  • Author’s Choice
  • Fan Voted: Best Creature
  • Fan Voted: Best Character or Characters
  • Fan Voted: Best Scene or Event from a Story
  • Fan Voted: Best Weapon or Item
  • Fan Voted: Best Submission from a Young Artist (under age 13)

Submission Process

  • Please submit artwork as either a JPEG or PNG file to lindsay(at) with the subject “2023 Fan Art Contest.”
  • If a submission is not already a digital image, please make sure to either scan it (for drawings and paintings) or take a picture of it (for figurines, sculptures, cosplay, etc.).
  • If you’re taking a picture of your artwork, please take the time to ensure the image is straight and in good lighting
  • Please include a title and suggested categories for each submission.

Additional Rules

  • All entries must be the original work of the artist.
  • Artists may submit as many pieces of art as they want to.
  • A single submission may qualify for multiple categories, but can only win once.
  • Submissions must be related to one or more of Lindsay’s stories to be considered.
  • Artists under the age of 18 must receive permission from their legal guardian(s) before submitting to this contest.
  • Works featuring erotic content, excessive gore, or vulgar/hurtful content will not be accepted.
  • By submitting to the contest, the artist grants Lindsay Schopfer non-exclusive, ongoing rights to display, distribute, and/or alter the submitted artwork for promotional purposes. In addition, Lindsay may choose to offer an additional contract to the artist for the right to sell their submitted artwork on various forms of merchandise on his online store and in-person events. If the artist agrees to the contract, a one-time payment will be made to the artist. This is in addition to any prizes that the artist may receive from the contest.
  • Shipping costs for the autographed book prize will be covered by the contest organizers for all domestic contest winners. Contest winners outside the United States will have the option to either 1) pay for shipping of an autographed book themselves; or 2) receive a free, unautographed book from their regional Amazon distributor.

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