Twenty Lame Excuses for Not Writing Today

Just so you all know, excuses 1-10 first appeared on my old blog back in 2015. Excuses 11-20 are all new. Judge for yourselves whether my sense of humor has changed at all. 🙂

1. My cat is reclining on my keyboard.

2. My knick-knacks need dusting.

3. I already wrote twice this month.

4. I’ve only got half an hour.

5. My neighbor is mowing his lawn.

6. I’m writing a sad scene, and I don’t want to make myself depressed.

7. My chair keeps squeaking and breaking my concentration.

8. I may have gotten an e-mail in the last hour.

9. I can’t snack and type at the same time.

10. I have to be somewhere inspiring to write, like France.

11. I can’t think of another word for ambidextrous.

12. I’ve only got one idea for my story, and I need something to write tomorrow.

13. I have other responsibilities. XCOM 2 won’t play itself.

14. I just realized that my sci-fi novel takes place in space, just like Star Wars. I can’t write until I come up with something more original.

15. My autocorrect keeps inserting clichés into my story.

16. I heard that the best way to proofread is to read a story backwards, so I’ve been trying to write the first draft that way. It hasn’t been going well.

17. I’ve had the theme song to Gilligan’s Island stuck in my head for three weeks. Creativity has fled.

18. My characters are grounded and are not allowed to come out to play until they behave themselves.

19. What if I finish the book, and it gets published, and sells millions of copies, and gets turned into a movie, and acquires a massive fandom, and they start hosting conventions, and I’m invited to be the keynote speaker to a crowd of 70,000 people, and during the Q&A someone asks me who’s the better writer, JRR Tolkien or me? I just don’t think I can handle that kind of pressure.

20. 10-year-old cat videos.

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2 Replies to “Twenty Lame Excuses for Not Writing Today”

    1. I thought I was funny with the cat idea, but you’re right. Having a car on your keyboard would definitely be a legit excuse. 🙂

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