Useful Excuses for Not Writing During Isolation

I’ve been hearing from a lot of writing friends that the silver lining to the current pandemic is that we all have plenty of time to write. But what if that’s a BAD thing? What if we’ve been doing an excellent job of putting off writing for all this time, and now, we’re in terrible danger of ruining our not-writing streak? Well, here are some handy excuses to keep those novels collecting digital dust on your hard drive so you can binge-watch The Great British Bake Off for the third time in a row.

“I have to doodle on my face mask.”

“I have to monitor the minefield around my toilet paper stash.”

“I’m practicing social distancing from my characters.”

“I was writing a YA, but all the schools are closed until next fall.”

“I heard that health officials recommend limiting households to just two sentences of creative writing at a time to allow everyone access to this precious resource.”

“I’m working from home, so I’m already spending too much time at the computer already. …and I forgot how a pencil works.”

“My hand sanitizer shorted out my keyboard.”

“I can’t stop writing all of my dialogue scenes as video chats.”

“My next scene takes place in a coffee shop, but only the drive-thru is open until further notice.”

“With all this extra time at home, I’ve just got too much to do. I mean, all these books on my shelf aren’t going to alphabetize themselves.”

“My protagonist has a cough. Why take the risk?”


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