10 Things A Writer Shouldn’t Say to Their Editor

1. Have you heard of that 50,000 word novel that doesn’t include the letter E? That’s my favorite book.

2. I don’t like negativity. Could you rephrase every criticism as a positive statement?

3. If I mention you in my foreword, can I get a discount?

4. I can’t wait for you to line-edit my romance between my protagonist from the Deep South and her lover from the Highlands of Scotland. Did I mention that the entire book is written phonetically?

5. Do you have a favorite punctuation mark? Mine’s the semicolon.

6. What guarantees can you give me that your services will increase my royalty revenue?

7. I actually wrote the manuscript in my native language, but don’t worry, I’ve already run it through Google Translate.

8. Before I agree to hire you, could you just read the manuscript and tell me what you think needs to be fixed?

9. You can be as brutal as you want, because I know that you’re not going to find much to criticize.

10. My mother thinks you’re wrong.

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