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I recently reached out to several fans to invite them to participate in video chats designed to help them connect with other fans of my stories. While some of them were very excited about the idea (click here to see the first fan-to-fan chat video) there were other fans that preferred to share their experiences with my stories through writing. With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Matt and his personal journey of discovering my stories.

The first book of Lindsay’s that I ever read was Lost Under Two Moons. One of my boys is reading it now. I liked it so much that I told my brother about it, who then also bought and read the book. I really enjoyed Lost Under Two Moons, and because I enjoyed it so much I decided to try out the Keltin Moore Adventures, starting with The Beast Hunter.

I love sci-fi, fantasy, historical, adventure, westerns and all sorts of books but I had never read a steampunk story or had even ever been interested in one. I didn’t even know what steampunk was. I literally only decided to try it based on how much I liked Lost Under Two Moons, and I loved it. It’s now next on my second-oldest son’s to-read-list. I’ve also bought and read the other two books in the series (waiting for #4 patiently!) I really, really enjoy this series for the characters and the adventures. I also have a bit of sentimentality attached to it.

Back when I first started reading The Beast Hunter, things were not that great. In fact, I started to read to distract myself from some stress going on in my life. My youngest child had just been life-flighted to a children’s hospital after having been run over by a car. After he was stabilized, all that I could do was wait and worry about all the different outcomes that were possible. So I escaped into Krendaria and the life of a beast hunter along with all his friends and acquaintances along the way. Bor’ve’tai was my favorite. I think Lindsay should write a story focusing on him. His life, his culture, and everything leading up to meeting up with Keltin.

I really love it when a book can make me feel like I can see exactly what’s happening, creating pictures in my mind based on the writing. When I read Lindsay’s stories, I can see what Keltin’s rifle looks like. I can see what all of the different munitions that he uses look like, as well as the damage that they inflict (morbid, I know). I can see Bor’ve’tai swinging his axe… I can see and feel exactly what’s happening.

Reading Lindsay’s stories, I get to see all the different personalities come together like a whole new world. It all comes to life in my head and soon I’m just watching a movie in my mind and don’t even realize I’m just reading black letters on cream-colored pages. I love it.

I love an escape and this one is a great one. For me personally, Lindsay’s stories will always have that extra little kick because of what they helped me to get through. I’m just glad that there is a 4th book scheduled to come out, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

As always, a big shout-out to the fantastic members of my Fan Community:

Randall Hodgson, Matthew Paxman, Yoshiyuki Nishikawa, Wil Sisney, Jarred Walton, Joel Stanger, and Kelly Wilbur.

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