Griffin Reads – Hellboy, Vol. 2: Wake the Devil

Title: Wake the Devil

Author: Mike Mignola

Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy

Summary: Wake the Devil by Mike Mignola is the second installment of the Hellboy graphic novel series. In it, the iconic paranormal investigator faces a new and chilling adversary. As Hellboy and his team, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), delve into the occult mysteries of Eastern Europe, they uncover a Nazi plot to resurrect a vampire clan and unleash dark forces upon the world. Hellboy, with his stone right hand and the destiny that ties him to the supernatural, must confront not only the monstrous creatures of the underworld but also the shadows of his own enigmatic past.

Content Guide:

  • Dark fantasy violence and supernatural horror
  • No explicit sexual content
  • Mild language
  • Themes of destiny, the supernatural, and the struggle between good and evil

My Thoughts:

Wake the Devil propels readers deeper into Mike Mignola’s macabre and atmospheric world, blending elements of horror, folklore, and dark fantasy. The graphic novel masterfully combines Mignola’s distinctive artistic style with a narrative that is both ominous and compelling. The pacing is well-executed, seamlessly transitioning between action-packed sequences and moments of quiet tension.

When I recommended the first installment of this series, I mentioned that Mignola was still finding the proper voice for Hellboy and his stories. This second installment really shows the establishment of what would be the defining tone and style for both the majority of the series as well as a variety of spinoffs and one-shots.

Mignola’s artistry is, as always, a highlight. The use of shadow and minimalist color palettes enhances the eerie atmosphere, bringing to life a world where ancient evils lurk in the shadows. The creature design is exceptional as each monstrous entity is uniquely terrifying. The echoes of Hellboy’s mysterious origins and his struggle with his own destiny add additional layers to the narrative, making this graphic novel not just a visual feast but a psychologically rich experience.

Wake the Devil is a must-read for fans of dark fantasy and graphic novels. Mike Mignola’s storytelling, coupled with his evocative artwork, creates an immersive experience that will captivate both newcomers and longtime enthusiasts of the Hellboy series. If you’re drawn to tales of the supernatural with a touch of the macabre, this graphic novel is a hauntingly satisfying addition to your reading list.

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