Exciting Things Coming in 2024

Hello beautiful fans! It’s been a fantastic year for my writing with some thrilling milestones and accomplishments, including:

What’s even better is that fans of my stories can expect even more terrific developments in the coming year. Read on to find out what’s in the works!

More Books Coming

Right now, I’ve got several manuscripts in various stages of production, including two novellas branching off previous events and characters in the Adventures of Keltin Moore. I’ve also got my first cyberpunk novel and an epic fantasy in the works, both written with the hope of seeking traditional publication from a large press.

New In-Person Events Across the Country

Because of the success I’ve been seeing in selling my books outside of Washington state, I’m expanding my touring schedule to include more events around the country, including Gem State Comic Con in Boise, Idaho, The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Tucson, Arizona, and Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas. I’ll also be doing more shows in the Pacific Northwest, including Fan Expo in Portland, Oregon and many others yet to be announced. For the latest updates on these in-person events and more, consider subscribing to my newsletter to know where I’ll be popping up next!

The Next Fan Art Contest

 Last year was the first time I offered expanded prize packages to the winners of my annual fan art contest. Due to the overwhelming success of that endeavor, I’ve decided to try it again this year! Fans will be able to contribute to a crowdfunding effort throughout the year to again be able to offer prize packages valued at $50 to six category winners. Fans can track our progress by visiting the link below:

Crowdfunding Goals

I’m also planning on introducing a new category this year. Entitled “Best Non-Traditional Format” my hope is that this will encourage fans to explore additional ways to express their artistic appreciation for my stories. Submissions for this category could include cosplay, web comics, videos, sculptures, gifs, and more. I can’t wait to see what the fans come up with!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you amazing fans! This year has been incredible, and your support means the world to me. The future looks bright, and I’m grateful to have you with me on this journey. Here’s to the adventures that await in the coming year!

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