Ten Underused Fish-Out-of-Water Plots

We see the standards all the time. Tough Guy as a babysitter, Country Girl in the big city, Regular Joe in high society… But there are so many other scenarios we never seem to see. Here’s just ten of them:

1. Librarian in a gladiatorial tournament.

2. Pirate working as a barista.

3. Ballerina in a rodeo.

4. Nuclear physicist playing ping-pong in the Olympics.

5. Vampire working in a call center.

6. Insult comic as a hostage negotiator.

7. Car mechanic working as a beautician.

8. Dog groomer at an archaeological dig.

9. Professional weightlifter at a spelling bee.

10. Ninja as a massage therapist.

A big shout-out to the wonderful members of my Writers Community:

Christine Herbert, Michele Cacano, Chelsea Mancilla, Jessica Mormann, Naltath, and Jo Sal.

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