Another Ten Weird Writing Prompts

1. Contrary to what the experts might say, it’s surprisingly hard to dress a live chicken in a tiny tuxedo.

2. “Ha! the joke’s on you!” I shouted. “I’m not wearing any pants!”

3. All stories have to begin somewhere. This one starts part-way through the middle, skips to the end, then goes back to the beginning to see what we missed.

4. The early morning light glistened like liquid gold on Larry’s bald head.

5. There is a prophesy, as ancient as time. But those things are never right anyway, so never mind.

6. I woke up, hanging upside-down over a pool of lava while fiendish bug people danced the Macarena nearby. “Not again,” I thought.

7. I suppose you could say it all started last Tuesday. You’d be wrong, of course. It all started on Thursday, but you can say Tuesday if it makes you feel better.

8. The quest was over. You missed it.

9. Magic was thick in the air. Either that, or someone had recently spritzed the room with Febreze.

10. Nobody suspected the armadillo.

2 Replies to “Another Ten Weird Writing Prompts”

  1. I hate when stories use #3. I just want to rip all the pages out and put the story in order. Same for prolog uses that make no sense until you’ve read the entire series. Ugh….

    1. Ha ha ha! I suppose that particular prompt does show up in real stories more frequently than any of the others. Well, aside from the armadillo one, of course.

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