There’s a New Keltin Moore Short Story!

Keltin and Jaylocke have traveled to northern Riltvin to investigate reports of beast attacks. Something has been terrorizing the small village of Riksville, and it’s up to the nation’s best beast hunter and his trusty apprentice to stop it. But when Keltin decides that it’s time for Jaylocke to take the lead on a hunt for the first time, the Weycliff wayfarer soon learns that there’s more to beast hunting that just fighting monsters. Fans of Keltin Moore will love this adventure featuring two of Schopfer’s most beloved characters and including never-before revealed details of Keltin’s past.

Loss of a Legend takes place shortly after the events of Into the North.

While this story will no doubt appear in a future anthology at some point, right now the only way to see it is by joining and participating in my Guild of Adventurers. To learn more about how to join this great group of fans, check out my Guild of Adventurers Q&A.

4 Replies to “There’s a New Keltin Moore Short Story!”

  1. Hey Lindsay, it’s Brandon, I was apart of the group that was stationed next to you at gearcon 2018. I was curious to know if you have or will be finishing a third book in the Keltin Moore series soon and how I can get a copy of said book. The first two books were absolutely amazing and I just couldn’t put them down, but sadly I no longer can read the series without the third book. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. P.s I’m looking forward to that third book.

    1. Hi Brandon! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the first two Keltin Moore novels! I am working on book 3 right now, so it should be out early next year. In the meantime, I’d love it if you posted a review of one or both of the Keltin Moore books, as reviews go a long way towards encouraging other readers to check out my stories! 🙂

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